We spend an average of 12% of our life at work, and there are days when we feel less productive than others. This inconsistency in our office efficiency may be due to several reasons, such as recurring fatigue, low morale or an unsuitable work environment.

These factors, often personal, should not influence our professional results. Here are some tips and habits to automatically improve your daily productivity .

1 – A favorable working environment
The first point to increase your office performance is to feel good in your workspace. For this, there are several tips for creating a pleasant work environment .

To have clear and organized ideas, it starts with a tidy desk. Hard to be efficient with a messy desk. The time lost searching for a lost file could have been used to work on a more urgent task.

Eliminate any form of distraction that may affect your effectiveness. Tell your colleagues that you want to isolate yourself to work on an important task. Remove notifications from your mobile so as not to be distracted. Reading e-mail can be time consuming, so it’s a good idea to spend a lot of time in your day.

2 – Effectiveness at work: the importance of the break
We are human and our attention span has its limits. Take regular breaks of 5 to 10 minutes and preferably after completing a task. If you never interrupt your work, you will soon be tired. Please note that breaks are governed by law .

We are not done, either, to sit several hours in a row on an office chair. During your breaks, do not stay at your desk or on your laptop. You can go walking in the surroundings and take the opportunity to get some fresh air. In addition to emptying your mind, these breaks will help stimulate your blood circulation.

An environment conducive to productivity also takes into account room temperature, air quality, ambient noise, and building insulation.

3 – Create a good understanding with colleagues
We spend a lot of time with our colleagues. It is therefore essential to get along well, without necessarily forging strong links. The good agreement at the office helps to create a good team spirit .

Communicating easily with all personalities is not easy, so it’s important to understand others. For this, there are many training to analyze and know how to react to the 16 types of personalities of the human being, defined by the MBTI method . It is a good way to adapt to his interlocutors.

The boss of a company has every interest in strengthening the links between its employees to create cohesion and strengthen team spirit . This involves activities outside the office and a good atmosphere in the premises.

4 – A personal organization foolproof
One of the keys to increasing one’s professional efficiency is to be organized. You must impose a certain discipline.

For this, it is recommended to proceed in order of priority . Manage your urgent files in the morning and end your day with lighter tasks. Do not hesitate to make lists. Writing your ideas and tasks on paper will help you remember them and see them more clearly.

Do not let your projects hang around and automate your repetitive tasks. Avoid procrastinating. To motivate yourself to complete a deal, use the carrot technique and promise a reward.

5 – Productivity at work also speaks outside the office
Workplace efficiency also involves privacy . Indeed, a healthy lifestyle will strengthen your intellectual abilities and improve your attention to work.

For this, it is good to have regular hours of sleep, even during your holidays. Make a point of not getting up or going to bed too late.

In the office, we are seated most of the time, and the sedentary lifestyle is harmful to health. According to the World Health Organization , 23% of adults and 81% of adolescents are not physically active enough. It is therefore important to practice a regular sport activity. If you are lucky enough to live close to your workplace, prefer walking or cycling to the car.

It is also important to have good eating habits. Stay away from foods high in saturated fats and sugars. It’s these foods that will not give you enough energy to keep the day going. If you are hungry, keep healthy foods in your bag such as dried fruits.

Productivity in his work, it works! The environment has a great influence on our productivity, but the rest depends on us. Organization, good relations with colleagues, good communication, etc. There are many ways to improve all these points and become an ace of productivity!