Home renovation is a project that at one time or another is being considered by any homeowner, to give a new lease of life to his home. While it is true that in some cases, it is possible to carry out these works yourself, it must be said that it is wiser to entrust them to a professional. The latter will know better the approach to adopt, the administrative procedures to be carried out if there are any, and will ensure a quality renovation, following the necessary steps.

Why use a home improvement company?

Many benefits justify the need for a home improvement company . Indeed, a professional often groups within it, several entities or trades. They usually range from masonry to heating, electricity, plumbing, carpentry and flooring. This means that all work on the sites is provided by entities belonging to the same provider. These intervene inter alia on:

  • plumbing, through the installation or renovation of distribution and evacuation networks, the installation of sanitary equipment, etc. ;
  • electricity, through the realization of electrical installation;
  • heating: installation or replacement of the heating system, radiators, boiler, water heater;
  • laying of floor coverings;
  • painting walls and ceilings.

The renovation of house through a professional also allows a better coordination of the project, at its various stages, within the budget and the expected time. The use of a renovation specialist is also necessary, given the scope of the work, and moreover when they affect many aspects of housing. Site management will be optimized. It is even possible to call on an interior designer, to solicit his expertise in the choice of the craftsman able to carry out the house renovation work.

What are the main steps of a renovation project?

Renovating a home is a job that follows a whole process, and respects steps.

What is diagnosis?

This is the first step of any renovation project. It allows to appreciate the state of the house, and the scope of the work to be done. It will be question of determining if the building is isolated, if the installation of gas and electricity is made according to the norms, to appreciate the collective or individual purification, the need to break or not the partitions.

Similarly, it will be necessary to check the presence or absence of parasites, the condition of the floor coverings. This will establish the budget of the home improvement project.

What about cleaning and demolition?

The cleaning consists of ridding the house of all the things it contains, so as not to damage them during the work. The demolition it concerns walls and partitions. It is advisable to start with the first floor (if the building has one) to reach the ground floor.

What about renovation and sanitation?

These include masonry and repair of damaged walls and the identification of potential moisture or infiltration problems. Pest control may even be useful for sanitation. This step is also essential for home renovation work. They prevent the house from deteriorating rapidly.

Following these steps come those of the electrical installations, sanitary, and those relating to the work of insulation of frontage and roofing. Finally, the finishes and interior fittings intervene.