With so many varieties of chairs on sale, you will have a hard time choosing the best one for your salon. Before you make that purchase make sure you consider:

  1. The Ultimate Comfort for Your Client

It is often that hairstylists forget that one of the main functions of the salon chair is to make your clients feel comfortable. Usually, comfort is compromised in the name of price and aesthetic. Make sure you put yourself in the shoes of your customers and try the chair yourself before even thinking about heading to the counter to pay for it.

  1. Do Not Skimp on The Cost

A new salon tantamount to a mountain of bills, but that doesn’t mean you should settle to buy a chair that is so-so. Keep in mind that this may be one of the reasons why a customer would return or never come back to you. World class service and a great haircut will never outweigh bring uncomfortable the whole time they’re in your salon.

  1. Find the Perfect Measurement for Your Salon

In the name of beauty and having an attractive salon, sometimes hairstylists tend to forget that a good salon would have nice proportions: chair relative to the height of the dresser. Customers like to look at themselves as you cut their hair. Being in the way of that actually turns them off and prevents a revisit.

  1. You Should Also Never Forget About Aesthetics

Colors dictate mood. Say you have a predominantly black and red salon, you shouldn’t opt for yellow chairs as the colors yellow and red give the feeling of urgency. Same reason why fast food has that for their interiors: they want people to go as soon as possible.

  1. Durability

Practicality saves you a lot of resources. Make sure that when you decide to buy a salon chair that you check the materials it is made from. Think of it as cost-per-wear concept, the longer you use it, the bigger value for money returns to you.

  1. A Chair with A Warranty Goes A Long Way

The better salon chairs aren’t like your usual dining chairs or any other ordinary chair. It has hinges, screws and hydraulics that would equate to some maintenance. As you’ve already invested a substantial amount of money in your chairs, make sure you check if you can get a warranty on your purchase.

  1. Gauge the Chair’s Portability

Every so often, you’d think about relocating or re-opening your salon somewhere else, or maybe you’re just thinking of redesigning your new salon. For these reasons, it is best to choose a chair that you can disassemble and reassemble easily, move around quickly and can be easily transported to another spot

  1. Do You Choose Handmade or Machine-Made?

Contrary to popular perception, handmade chairs are more durable than machine-made ones. Handmade chairs have three times as much shelf life compared to those made in factories. Also, there exists an intricate amount of detail when you purchase a chair that is handmade.

  1. Watch Out for New Innovations About Salon Chairs

Technology allows many common objects like a simple chair to be innovated and developed for the benefit of the consumers. In Japan, some chairs already have Android-like features that automates recline, height adjustments and other functions. Make sure you are always up to date with these new technologies.

  1. Ask Fellow Hairstylists

One of the best references you’ll have is the feedback of your co-hairstylists, especially seasoned ones who have been in the salon industry for a long time. They might be able to hook you up with the best sellers and places to purchase the salon chair that fits your needs.

Our Recommendation

Out of the 10 chairs, we think that very distinct product which gives the biggest value for money is the Best Choice 71in 3 Section Commercial Massage Bed, Spa and Salon Facial Chair. Although it’s not the most portable and stylish out of the list, it does its job and more with wide range of functionality and versatility. Imagine owning this flexible chair which you can use for hairstyling, massage, hair removal services, etc. The possibilities for business prospects are endless.

The best thing to do is to keep tabs on your network of salon or beauty parlor goers, ask them and get a general feel of what they like and don’t. I would also recommend visiting kalistasalon.com for more guides and reviews of salon products.

Gavel Hits!

Setting up your own salon can leave you with a major headache, and quite frankly, you need all the help you can get. From choosing the right kind of tools to designing the place, even in choosing the best salon chair for you, it is a highly taxing endeavor.