In writing this article, I paused to ask myself the question “what is a success? And then asking the question to my entourage, I realized that it is beautiful and well a concept relative and specific to each person. It’s a bit like the story of the mirror of broken truth where everyone gets a piece to make it a universal truth. Finally, what is a personal success?

Everyone wants to succeed, but do we really know what success is?

Many people equate success with money. But, is success limited to wealth? The answer is personal, but for me, it’s no. I give you my perception of success to help you find your definition of success.
For me, success is doing what you want when you want and as you want. When I was a student, I loved reading, I loved writing, and I loved helping others. Today, I have my personal development blog that helps millions of people improve their lives. I succeeded or not? I told myself that I will have this or that at a certain age. Today, I do not complain. I succeeded or not?

Personal success is the fulfillment of his deepest desires, the objectives that we set ourselves. We all aspire to success, but to different degrees. For a first-year student, success is not about having a car or a house, but about going into the second year. As he grows up, his desire for success grows with him. While I have my blog and I am liberal, my neighbor who works all day as an employee is happy. Well, that’s his formula of success to him. We do not have to judge others about their perceptions of success.

How to know that I succeeded

One thing is certain, personal success is not measured by wealth, so remove from your head that successful people are those who are rich. Wealth is only a direct consequence of success and not the opposite. I do not tell you anything by telling you that many people are rich, but not happy, while others are content with the little they have, yet they are sparkling with happiness. Needless to point out that there are some who are very rich and happy. Is success then about improving one’s life without being happy? I do not believe, because the secret of life is to live happily. How to recognize someone who has succeeded outside of wealth? For me, success is a global concept that is measured on three fundamental levels of life.

Indicators of personal success

Professional success means having the job of your dreams and getting paid for it. For some people, it’s having a nice office on the 4th floor with a salary that allows them to provide for themselves and their families. While for others, it consists of the undertaking, of being one’s own. In terms of success, everything is really relative.
Social success

What do people think of me? How do they see me? What is the social impact I exert on others? For some people, it’s enough to be known by those around you. But for others, personal social success goes beyond the simple circle.

Sentimental and emotional success:

To be emotionally successful is to have supportive parents and a family that is anxiously awaiting our return home. This is, of course, my perception. If not, what is the use of improving one’s life and living it alone? Without anyone to share our sorrows and our joys? I do not see the point. For me, there is no success without the presence of these three elements. Everything is balanced in this world and you have to balance everything.

Personal growth and success

Personal success does not happen overnight, but it’s by working every day that you achieve those goals. What is the role of personal growth?

First of all, personal growth is a concept that expresses the surpassing of oneself, the capacity of an individual to go beyond his potentialities and qualities that he thinks he knows to produce a satisfactory result. With this unit of measurement, the individual is more likely to fulfill himself with satisfaction. As in the definition of the word growth, personal growth is to follow a progression day after day to go towards the result that we wish. What I mean in these terms is very simple. Achieving personal success requires diligent personal growth.