Ecological style interiors are gaining popularity. Why do we like the eco style so much? On the one hand, it is a question of respect for the environment, on the other hand, in warm and welcoming spaces, where we can see the link that exists between man and nature. The eco-interior allows you to really relax in the walls of your home, to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Space and forms in eco-interior

The large open spaces, mainly lit by natural light, without furniture and accessories, are perfect for eco-style. The eco-interiors create harmony in the home, designed to free their owner from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Forms of furniture with soft lines borrowed from nature. Only natural materials and textures. It is very important to think about lighting: it is better to make several scenarios that allow to change atmosphere according to the time of the day, the courses and the atmosphere.

Colors in ecostyle

The eco-interiors are above all calm natural colors, borrowed from nature itself. Black, brown, green, beige, gray, blue, white – is surrounded by these colors and their combinations of eyes. The best way to dilute the soothing hues is to add natural greenery, and the more the better. Recently, phyto walls have become popular, which not only adds natural light, but also a sense of life.

Eco-friendly materials

Firstly, it is of course wood and it should be used not only as a solid furniture, but also as decoration. Thus, on the ceilings, wooden beams may appear on the walls – panels, on the floor – a solid wood floor, inlaid or placed on the panel.

For the walls of the main rooms of the eco-interior, it is worth using a wallpaper made of natural materials and in the bathroom you can use natural stone. Textiles for windows and upholstered furniture in ecological interiors should also be of natural origin: linen, wool, carpets, etc.

A sense of connection with nature will create accessories from natural materials. Decorative objects in the form of branches, tree trunks, clay vases or glass. To revive a cold vessel, you can make a small garden: you will have a real art object.

Furniture for Eco interiors

For the renovation of an eco-friendly apartment, ecological wood furniture, simple in shape, quite massive, the shape must be as natural as possible – direct and even rough, or otherwise smooth, imitating the natural curves of nature . In the first case, the texture of the tree should be as simple as possible, its treatment is minimal. In the second case, a careful treatment and polishing of the wood is acceptable. Another type of suitable furniture is wicker, rattan or bamboo basketry.

Lighting in Eco style

As much natural light as possible – this is a mandatory requirement for an ecological interior. If that’s not enough, you have to add artificial lighting. The lamps in the design can be “invisible” – integrated, creating a luminous flux that complements the light coming from the windows, as well as decorative – with shades of textiles, rice paper or wicker, with elements in the form of woody branches or animal horns.