Filling the house with unique and vintage finds is a real passion for some. The reason: the vintage style reveals the beauty in the old and the imperfect. It abounds with charm in the frayed edges and ragged covers, in the worn and the faded. This design has its place in any space. If you are looking to create a new and fresh look in your home, you will arrive with a vintage decor.

The vintage look gives free rein to your imagination

The vintage is great because it is out of the ordinary, unusual, unexpected and unique. No need to be afraid to mix it with another style and move away from the norm. Get inspired by old movies, Wartime, your grandmother’s house and ideas will rain.

This is an opportunity to innovate from old elements!

Visit your local antique store or thrift store and find one or two items you really like. You will be surprised to see that an old vintage gas canister can be used on your coffee table to display flowers instead of your vase. This simple switching will instantly add appeal and character to the entire room.

You can mix vintage and neutral colors

The best way to use vintage items is to combine them with cool, soothing colors. The generally dark and faded colors of the vintage objects blend beautifully with gray, light blue and cream tones. You will find all the inspiration you need to succeed in your vintage interior.

You will find decorative accessories at one or more of your loved ones

Some tips from your mother or grandmother could help you find the right formula. You can even ask them to give you some old stuff they put in the cellar or in the attic and dust them off to create your vintage deco items. These recovered items are also valuable because they are not only vintage, they have a story and a personal meaning. For example, a banal glass jar that was originally used to store cooking ingredients can be used as a soap dish in the bathroom. This is an idea as simple as it is effective.

Simple oldies will turn into ornaments

Vintage elements have unsuspected uses in home decoration . A vintage wooden toolbox can become the centerpiece on a dining room table. An old linen trunk installed at the foot of the bed can be transformed into a coffee table in the center of the living room.

The vintage accessories will settle everywhere without worries!

The vintage design allows all kinds of fantasy. If you’re short of ideas, here are some classics that fit in everywhere:

  • old books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, novels, history books, etc.)
  • the clock
  • porcelain dishes
  • the leather furniture
  • the wallpaper